ID: 4861
Olive Sapling

Req. Level: 1 ~ icon1
Item level: 1

Plants an Olive Sapling.
Grows faster and lives longer in suitable climates.

Olives process into Orchard Puree

Vocation: Logging; Gathering
Matures in 1 d 2 h
Harvest every 14 h 18 m
Climate: Temperate
Farmhand Capacity: 10
Acquire from Vocation Badges or wild harvests

If placed outside protected land, it will eventually become public property.
Yields logs when cut down and olives when gathered.

Socket Lunagem:

Use with right-click.
Can be positioned on the ground with left-click.

Costs 5 Labor if not placed on personal land.

Shop Pricebronze 0

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