ID: 9247
icon The Three Gates
Category: Eastern Hiram Mountains

You can only receive this quest when you have completed the following quest(s):
The Message

  • XP 27512
  • Coins silver37bronze28

Start NPC: Enos
Quest stages:
Travel to the Black Forest Camp and talk to Scout Leader Soboron.End NPC: Soboron
Quest text:
Enos: You however have another task. You are the only person strong enough to pass this holy trial. You must travel to the next gate and receive its blessing as well.
Enos: You will find a gatekeeper at each site, who will test you. If you prove worthy in their eyes, you are given a blessing as a reward.
Enos: The test of strength you already passed, and as a reward, you've been granted the same strength Ramaha posessed.
Enos: It is due to this blessing, that Ramaha managed to win the battle of Nemi River for our people. Though of course, the fight still left us with many precious lives lost.
Enos: The next gate, you will find close to the Black Forest Camp. We sent a messanger to inform them of your arrival and your task at hand.
Enos: Soboron is the Scout Leader over there. No time to loose now, Chosen One. Off you go, to the Black Forest Camp.
Enos: There are three gates in the Eastern Hiram Mountains: the Gate of Strength, the Gate of Wisdom and the Gate of Patience.
Soboron: Welcome to the Black Forest Camp, Player. I am Soboron, Scout Leader of this camp. I received Enos' message about your arrival and your mission.
Level: 55
Repeat count: 1

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